Student Code of Conduct

The Geology Department takes Washington and Lee's ideals of honor seriously. We value treating each and every person respectfully, with sensitivity to their preferences and boundaries, as everyone should expect to be treated in a community of trust and honor. We expect students, faculty and staff to treat each other with respect. We seek to understand and learn from one another, especially when our attention is drawn to differences rather than similarities among us, or in moments that we disagree. Washington and Lee strives to make this institution one of the best places to learn by gathering students from differing backgrounds with a wide variety of opinions. We have something to learn from everyone here.

Geology Department Student Code of Conduct

As a student in the Geology Department at Washington and Lee you will likely spend a significant amount of time with your peers outside of typical classroom settings - in the department after hours, in labs, and on field trips. It is our belief that this is one of our department's strengths, and helps to create an environment in which each and every student may reach their full potential.

In the spirit of this institution's ideals of honor, civility, and integrity, and in an effort to ensure that the geology department remains a place where everyone can feel safe, comfortable, and welcome, we expect you to abide by the following code of conduct during your time in the department:

i) I will behave in a safe and responsible manner at all times.

ii) I will treat students, staff, and faculty with respect at all times, including but not limited to:
• being courteous to others and respectful of our differences
• being mindful of how my actions and language may be perceived by others
• refraining from using language that is offensive, intolerant, or insensitive to the feelings of others
• refraining from engaging in gossip, ridicule, or other behavior that makes an individual or group feel unwelcome, ostracized, or unsafe in our community.

iii) I will treat department spaces, vans, and equipment with due care and attention.

iv) I will conduct my work with honor and integrity at all times.

v) I will address issues of conduct infractions with my peers, or consult the geology faculty or staff for guidance.

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