Recent Student Summer Research

There are a lot of options for hands-on learning. Come find your science!

A large number of our students spend their summers involved in geoscience research projects, here at W&L or at other universities or agencies, researching a wide range of topics. Faculty and students are grateful for all the support from alumni-supported funds -- the Kozak, McGuire, Spencer, Schwab; R. Preston Hawkins IV; and Edgar W. Spencer '53 Geology Field Research funds -- and university funding that allow them to engage so meaningfully in research. Students often present their summer research at national conferences. To find out about opportunities, check out our List of Summer Research Opportunities page.

Click on the links below to read about student experiences, in their own words.

Haley Culbertson '22: Research with Lisa Greer
Mickie Brown '21: Summer Research Scholar with David Harbor
Javier Peralta '21: Summer Research Scholar with Margaret Anne Hinkle
Liza Moore '21: Keck Geology Consortium Gateway Research Project    
Nick Konovalchik '21: Research with Jeff Rahl   
Javier Peralta '21: Research with Chris Connors
Chantal Iosso '20: Research Experience for Undergraduates at NC State
Chris Messerich '20 and Iszak Morgan '20: NASA Research Grant with David Harbor
Iszak Morgan '20: Research with David Harbor
Chantal Iosso '20: Keck Advanced Research Project
Ashleigh Meade '20, Engineering with Geology Emphasis Major: Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)