Funding for Research

Thinking about how you'll fund your summer or thesis work? Think about these options.

If you've been awarded a R. Preston Hawkins Award, Kozak Award, or Ed Spencer Award
Congratulations! Submit the Geology Department Funding for Research form before you spend any funds.

If you expect your project will cost less than $300
Talk to your advisor about requesting Geology Department Funds: R. Preston Hawkins Award or a  Samuel J. Kozak-Odell S. McGuire-Edgar W. Spencer-Frederick L. Schwab Award, or an Edgar W. Spencer '53 Geology Field Research Fund Award to cover field research expenses, lab research expenses, or research-related travel. To request Hawkins or Kozak funds, completed budget worksheet and write a short proposal outlining the research and intended use for the funds. Submit using the Geology Department Funding for Research form.

If you expect your project will cost more than $300
Please seek funding from the sources below, in addition to Geology Department Funds. 

GSA undergraduate student research grants
Scroll down to the Research Grants heading and look for the link for Undergrad Research Grant Application. Do not wait until the last minute to ask for letters of recommendation. 

If you are working with a W&L professor doing research on campus 
Ask the professor about being a Summer Research Scholar. This would provide you with a paycheck while you are working, but it would not fund research project supplies or travel. If the project is going to be a part of your thesis, talk to your thesis advisor about applying for a Summer Student Independent Research Award. If the project is faculty-supervised but based internationally, check out the Mellon Faculty-Student Research Grants.

If you are a Johnson Scholar
You are eligible for Johnson Enhancement funds for research. Contact Elizabeth Knapp, Professor of Geology and Director of the Johnson Program.

If you are a rising junior or senior interested in a project on campus or in the United States
Apply for an Johnson Opportunity Grant -- these are available to non-Johnson Scholars and for work with professors or on your own.

If you are interested in an international project
Apply for an Johnson Opportunity Grant
Apply for Mellon Faculty-Student Research Grant
Apply for a Erik T. Woolley Fellowship

In addition to the options above, each Spring the Geology Department presents several geology students with a R. Preston Hawkins Award or an Ed Spencer Award to support summer research not covered by other funds. You may also qualify for support from the Geology Department for projects not recognized with an Award. Talk to your professor about this.