Samuel Womack '21

Chesapeake Bay Program Internship

I spent this past summer updating the gauging station on Woods Creek and monitoring data collection on the stream throughout the summer. Woods Creek is currently an impaired stream and through collaboration of the Geology and Environmental Studies departments new equipment has been installed that allows for real-time remote data monitoring. The current system allows for hourly updates on such quantities as dissolved oxygen within the stream, pH, conductivity, depth, and turbidity. Currently I am taking discharge measurements in an attempt to graph the stream's stage-discharge relationship. This relationship reports the volume of water flowing through stream per second versus the height of the water and is useful in knowing discharge simply by measuring the depth of the water at a given point. As a result of our new gauging station, exact stage measure can be inferred based on reported depth and an accurate stage-discharge curve is being developed. I will be taking measurements throughout the year in order to further verify and update the curve that I have developed this summer. Due to the sparseness of precipitation in Lexington I will be watching the weather closely to try and take discharge measurements when the water level is high so that accuracy at the upper end of the relationship can be verified.

Chesapeake Bay Internship Program