Phillip Hall '21

Supervisor, Youth Conservation Corps, Hungry Mother and Smith Mountain Lake State Parks

This summer I worked as a supervisor with the Youth Conservation Corps at Hungry Mother State Park and Smith Mountain Lake State Park. I supervised a group of ten high school boys at each park as we completed a wide variety of maintenance tasks around the park. Examples of our work include building picnic tables, building picnic pads, trash pickup, vista clearing, making fish habitats, and other various jobs throughout the parks.

Each session was three weeks long and the crewmembers and supervisors all lived at the parks with each other. Around 120 hours of labor for was completed at each park. These sessions were a great learning experience for me because both sessions provided me with adverse situations that my co workers and I had to work through and fix on our own. I even had to take on supervisory roles at my second session because one of my co workers never showed up, so I took on his role and worked through the issue. Overall, this summer was an amazing learning experience for me in terms of leadership and responsibility.

Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps Program