Clark Mabey '19

Digital Marketing Internship, China

This summer I had the opportunity to work as a digital marketing intern for ViewFin, a financial technology company based in Shanghai, China. ViewFin has several projects under its management, the primary of which is a public blockchain called Metaverse. During my time with the company, I worked within the Digital Marketing department and focused mainly on digital marketing and business analytics related to Metaverse. Over the course of my internship I had the opportunity to complete a wide range of work, from researching and creating reports on the international gold market to tracking web traffic with Google Analytics.

For the first portion of the internship I was situated in ViewFin's Shanghai office, working while I completed a semester abroad in Shanghai; for the latter portion, I was able to work remotely for the company, submitting deliverables and joining calls from home while navigating a 12-hour time difference. Being a part of the ViewFin team was an incredibly rewarding experience, during which I developed several new skills and learned extensively about how blockchain technology works and its potential implications for both finance and a litany of other industries. Although my internship didn't require any specific geologic knowledge, I frequently found myself leveraging the type of analytical thinking cultivated in W&L's geology courses. After completing this internship, I'm excited to see what the future of blockchain holds, particularly in areas that intersect with geology, such as precious metal and other natural resource supply chains.