Student Research

Many of our students conduct research either with one of the professors in the geology dept., the Keck Geology Consortium, or at other national labs and NSF REU programs. This research often leads to the writing of a thesis. Students conduct research during the summer, through independent studies during the year and through their theses. Students receiving funding assistance from the Provost's Office Summer Research Scholars Program, the R. Preston Hawkins IV Geology Award; the Samuel J. Kozak-Odell S. McGuire-Edgar W. Spencer-Frederick L. Schwab Award; the Edgar W. Spencer '53 Geology Field Research Award; the Provost's Office; and Johnson Opportunity Grants. Please see the Funding for Research page for more information on funding.

List of all student theses

Recent Student Theses

Chantal Iosso '20 Impacts of Low-Head Dam Construction and Removal with Little Channel Sediment Storage: Case Study from the Maury River, Virginia
Chris Messerich '20 Constraining the structure of the Sadlerochit Mountains, North east Alaska from high resolution photogrammetry
Ryan Monson '20 Evaluating the use of NDVI analysis in a Soil Matter study of grazed pastures, Rockbridge, VA
Iszak Morgan '20 Exploring Soil Organic Carbon Methodology and Variability in Rockbridge County Pastures

Michael Cuilik '18 Phase Mixing in Lower Crustal Shear Zones: An Example from the Maggia Nappe Switzerland
Shlomo Honig '18 Constraining Structural Complexity in the Sadlerochit Mountains, Northeastern Alaska, from Remote Geologic Mapping and Cross Section Construction
Kira Tomenchok '18 Approximate meteoric 10Be using the concentration of acid-extractable grain coatings: a case study tracing erosion depth on Dominica, Lesser Antilles
James Willey '18 Application of quartz crystal preferred opening angle techniques for discerning shear sense and deformation temperature to Crete, Greece

Recent Student Research Presented at Conferences