Eva Lyon Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology

Eva Lyon

Science Addition 123


Ph.D., Geology, University of Kentucky (August 2016-present)
M.S., Geology, Utah State University (2011)
B.A., Geology, The College of Wooster (2007)


Paleoclimatology, geochemistry, and sedimentology


GEOL 101 General Geology (Winter 2020)
GEOL 105 Earth Lab (Spring 2020)
GEOL 155 Oceanography (Winter 2020)
GEOL 205 History and Evolution of the Earth (Fall 2019)
GEOL 209 Fossil Lab (Fall 2019)

Selected Publications

In press: Lyon, E., McGlue, M., Kim, S., Woolery, E. and Zimmerman, S. Sublacustrine geomorphology and modern sedimentation in a glacial scour basin, June Lake, eastern Sierra Nevada, USA. Journal of Sedimentary Research.

In revision: Lyon, E., Freeman, R., Bathon, J., Fryar, A., McGlue, M., Erhardt, A., Rosen, A., Sampson, S., Nelson, A., and Parsons, J. Attitudinal impediments to geoscience major recruitment among ninth graders at a STEM high school. Journal of Geoscience Education.

In prep: Lyon, E., McGlue, M., Erhardt, A. Kim, S., Stone, J., and Zimmerman, S. Characterizing the late Holocene paleoproductivity of the eastern Sierra Nevada: A ~4500-year record of geochemical change from June Lake, CA. In prep for Quaternary Science Reviews.

In prep: Lyon, E., McGlue, M., Erhardt, A., and Zimmerman, S. A high-resolution record of late Holocene hydroclimate cyclicity and hydrologic connectivity at June Lake, CA.

2011. Wiles, G., Lawson, D., Lyon, E., Wiesenberg, N. and D’Arrigo, R.D. Tree-ring dates on two pre-Little Ice Age advances in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA. Quaternary Research 76: 190-195.