Affordability At A Glance

Need Based Grant

W&L is committed to meet 100% of your institutionally determined financial need.  We meet this need using a combination of generous university grant, federal and state grant, and a $2,000 work-study award. Eligibility for university need-based grant or for The W&L Promise is based on a careful assessment of the family's income and assets, and need-based grants are available to all eligible students who complete the required financial aid documents by the relevant deadline. Please review our deadlines and application process, and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.    

Our No-Loan Commitment

We award University, federal, and state grants plus $2,000 in student employment to meet your need as calculated by our office.  No loan will be offered to meet any part of your demonstrated need.  Federal loan eligibility for the student and parent is offered only as an option to cover the family's contribution.

Graduate Debt-Free

Our generous grant packages meet the demonstrated need of our aid applicants and only a fraction of our families choose to take an optional loan to cover the family contribution. Over the past five years, an average of 67 percent of our undergraduates graduated debt-free.

The Johnson Scholarship Program

The Johnson Scholarship Program awards full tuition room and board scholarships each year to up to 44 of the most exceptionally qualified students regardless of their family's circumstances.   Each Johnson Scholar also receives financial support for summer opportunities such as internships, research and independent projects. 

The W&L Promise

Any admitted undergraduate from a family with income below $100,000 and assets typical for their income will receive grant equal to or greater than full tuition.  Depending on demonstrated need, he or she may also be eligible for additional grant assistance to cover room, board, and other educational expenses.  Additional information may be found at The W&L Promise.

W&L's Partnership with QuestBridge

QuestBridge is an organization that connects the nation's brightest students from low-income backgrounds with leading institutions of higher education. For complete details, please visit the Washington and Lee QuestBridge Website.     

Veterans and Yellow Ribbon

W&L is a strong supporter of Veterans and the VA educational programs, including Yellow Ribbon and tuition assistance.