Latino Student Organization

The Latino Student Organization is an extra-circular organization designed to promote and expose students to the many Latino cultures while providing a community for people interested in the Latino cultures. To this end the LSO will work in coordination with other organizations and specifically the Romance Languages Department in order to share our vision with the Washington and Lee community and beyond.

Contact: Edwin Castellanos '20


i. History

This organization was founded in 2015 by Pepe Estrada, Lorena Hernandez, and Daniel Monteagudo with the help of Professor Barnett the Latin-American Student Organization of Bowdoin;

ii. Mission Statement

The Latino Student Association is first and foremost the promotion and sharing of the many and diverse Latino cultures. The organization will provide a place in which Latino students and other students interested in Latino cultures will be able to discuss topics of importance with people of similar experiences. The organization will additionally reach out into the community both on and off campus to increase awareness of the many Latino cultures through events designed to engage people. Ultimately through these interactions LSO hopes to foster a positive image of the Latino community and to enrich the campus;

iii. Membership

Any student in good standing with the university may be a member of the Latino Student Organization;

iv. Officers

The club has a President, a Student Activities and Budgeting Chair, and an Outreach and Coordination Head as of this moment. As the club grows, more positions may be added;

a. The Student Activities and Budgeting Chair is in charge of:

i. The financials of the club and the budgeting of all events,
ii. The detailed planning or coordination of the said planning of club events;

b. The Outreach and Coordination Head is in charge of:

i. Physical and digital communications such as:

1. Posters,
2. Flyers,
3. Emails;

ii. Ensuring that our club works within the Washington and Lee community;

1. Coordinating with other groups to avoid overlap and to ensure the success of events;

iii. The President is the head of the club and in charge of:

1. Directing meetings of the club,
2. Leading the organization by:

a. Setting the schedule of the meetings,
b. Organizing the annual planning meeting,

3. Contacting Speakers and Extra-university Resources;
4. Other duties as needed;

v. Elections

Elections will occur within the club with members nominating and voting for candidates;

a. In order to be considered a candidate, a member must be nominated by two members of the club;
b. In order to be elected a candidate must receive a majority of the votes greater than 35%;

i. If a 35% majority is not reached than a runoff among the three candidates with the highest percentage of the electorate;

c. Elections will occur once a semester and officers will serve in their position for the semester so long as they are in good standing with the university and the club;
d. If an officer is unable to continue in their position then their position will be filled in an election;

vi. Meetings

Meetings will occur at least twice a month on the first and third Tuesdays of each month;

vii. Amendments

Amendments must be adopted by a two-thirds majority of the club during a meeting of the club.

viii. Benefit to the community

The Latino Student Organization (LSO) will provide an outlet for Latino students and other students interested in Latino cultures to come together and express themselves. Additionally, the community will increase awareness of Latino cultures throughout the Washington and Lee community and beyond. To this end the LSO will host cultural, linguistic, and gastronomic events such as salsa lessons and cultural dinners.