Eventing Club

The W&L Eventing Club is committed to fostering awareness of the equestrian sport of eventing, to provide recognition and support for its participants, and to maintaining a calendar full of eventing-related activities. The club provides opportunities to volunteer at eventing competitions held at the Virginia Horse Center, a facility that draws competitors from all over North America, and other equestrian facilities in the area. The club also provides an introduction to the principles of horsemanship through riding lessons with an accredited eventing trainer, located at GC Equestrian in Greenville, Virginia.

Our club is open to all members of the Washington and Lee community, including current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and their families.

Contact: Ellee New '19


I. Name of Organization

a. The name of this club shall be the Washington and Lee University Eventing Club, (W&L Eventing Club, W&L Eventing)

II. Purpose

a. The purpose of the W&L Eventing Club is to create a community of students within the greater W&L community who share a common interest in the equestrian sport of eventing and who wish to either be competitive on the USEA national event circuit, or support those who take part in competition, or simply to enjoy the company of those who have an interest in the sport.
b. The goal of the W&L Eventing Club is to further knowledge and support of the sport of eventing and to become better competitors and equestrian athletes and/or participants overall.
c. This club will compete at the nationally recognized level of shows endorsed by the USEA (United States Eventing Association) and USEF (The United States Equestrian Federation).

III. Membership

a. Membership is open to any and all students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

IV. Governance

a. The officers of the W&L Eventing Club will be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
b. Those four officers will meet and discuss any pertinent matters as the need arises, under the name of the Board of Washington and Lee Eventing Club.
c. If an office is vacated, the other three officers will pick from among the current club members to fill the vacated position.

V. Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities

a. President

i. Serve as the Chief Administrative Officer.
ii. Attend President Council meetings.
iii. Preside over W&L Eventing Club meetings.
iv. Call meetings for the W&L Eventing Club.
v. Initiate programs/projects as necessary.
vi. Represent the best interests of the club in all interactions with affiliated organizations, the University, and the community.

b. Vice President

i. Preside over/call meetings in the absence of the President.
ii. Carry out duties assigned to him/her by the President.

c. Secretary

i. Assist the President with official correspondence of the organization.
ii. Maintain and distribute the minutes of all regular and special meetings of the organization.
iii. Keep a revised copy of the constitution and bylaws available for all members at all times.
iv. Prepare a roster each semester to include the address, telephone number, and email address of each member.

d. Treasurer

i. Responsible for the collection and accounting of all fees and other monies belonging to the organization.
ii. Submit all funding requests in a timely fashion.

VI. Elections

a. All elections and nominations to the governing structure of the W&L Eventing Club shall be subject to the following criteria, which ensure a fair and equitable process.
b. Candidacy and nomination (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)

i. Any member of the club is a qualified candidate.
ii. Elections are held every three years at the beginning of the Spring Term, or if called upon by a 2/3 vote by the members of the club to replace an officer. ½ of the Board of the W&L Eventing Club must be part of the 2/3 vote.
iii. When a candidate is nominated a meeting in which all members must attend will be held. Each candidate will present their plans for the future of the club, including funds, upcoming competitions, etc. One week following a vote will be held where each member will vote for a candidate of their choosing.
iv. Each office is elected independently of all others.

c. Voters

i. All members are qualified voters.

d. Votes Needed

i. A simple majority will win the election.

VII. Formation of Bylaws

a. The W&L Eventing Club shall create a set of bylaws, which become part of this constitution upon approval demonstrated by a simple majority vote of the membership. Deletions or additions can be made to the bylaws by a simple majority vote by members of the organization.
b. Members have a responsibility to uphold the reputation and ideals of the sport of eventing.
c. Members have a responsibility to take part in either competition or volunteer opportunities within the eventing community to help further awareness and support for the sport of eventing.
d. When competing, members will show support of W&L by wearing a jersey or using a W&L saddle pad when such items become available by funding allocations.
e. All members must compete in a sportsmanlike manner, representing the ideals of Washington and Lee University at all times.
f. All members shall love horses.

VIII. Amendments

a. Amendments to either the constitution can be made by proposal of an amendment by either an officer or member. The amendment will be considered by the Board as a whole. A simple majority vote in favor of the amendment by the Board will send the amendment to vote by the members where a 2/3-majority vote shall ratify the said amendment.

IX. Ratification

a. The constitution shall be fully ratified after approval by a 2/3-majority vote by the members of the W&L Eventing Club.