Team Traveller Cycling Club

Team Traveller is the club cycling team and it aims to promote the sport of cycling to undergraduate and graduate students. We compete in the Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference with schools from Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina. Team Traveller coordinates with local cyclists to improve bike handling skills, knowledge, and overall ability. We also participate in local charity rides whenever possible to help provide assistance in the community.

Contact: Mikki Whittington '20 and Landon Courville '19


Article I: History

While cyclists have come through Washington and Lee sporadically, an official club team has not been founded until present. The club team was founded in 2016-2017. The club gets its name from the former amateur club team that was located in Lexington, VA five years ago and was made up of community members and a couple students.

Article II: Mission Statement

Team Traveller seeks to instill a healthy, active lifestyle that will persist into the future in all of its members. Training is determined on an individual basis, giving students plenty of room to accommodate academics and other interests. Team Traveller aims to create a love for the sport of cycling and bonds between members that can continue to grow as members move on from college.

Article III: Requirements of Membership

Any Washington and Lee undergraduate or law student may participate in collegiate competition. Members must fill out a membership form and complete Campus Recreation required forms. Members must also own their own bike and helmet, but if assistance is needed in locating a bike to purchase, it can be provided. If a member wants to participate in collegiate competition, a Washington and Lee cycling kit and USA Cycling License must be purchased.

Article IV: Organization of Leadership

4.1 President: The president will preside over weekly team emails, scheduling team rides, and instilling the fundamental values that Washington and Lee athletics uphold. The president will work hand in hand with other officers to guarantee a fully functional leadership staff and organization. In the event that any of the offices below are not held, the duties will be distributed among the leadership roles that are filled.

4.2 Vice President: The vice president will be responsible for the coordination (i.e. number of racers, transportation, etc.) of team races and for the use of the spin room. In the event that the president becomes incompetent of duty, the vice president will assume his/her role.

4.3 Secretary: The secretary will be responsible for team membership forms as well as for guaranteeing that all members complete the required Campus Recreation forms.

4.4 Treasurer: The treasurer will be responsible for managing the club budget. A complete log of finances will be kept, and the treasurer will meet with the president at least once a month to discuss the remaining budget for the fiscal year and any foreseeable costs.

Article V: Benefit to W&L and Surrounding Community

Team Traveller is beneficial to the W&L community because it has the power to connect undergraduate students,
law students, and current and retired faculty. Team Traveller also connects W&L affiliates to the Lexington community by reaching out to the cyclists in the community for assistance and company on team rides. Team Traveller has already connected with current and retired faculty, a professional cyclist, alumni, and the manager for the largest triathlon team in the world. Members will be connected to alumni in their hometowns as well as nationally. Team Traveller supports the business of the Lexington Bike Shop, putting money into the Lexington economy. In the future, races will be held in Lexington, drawing cyclists to the area and supporting the economy. Team Traveller also supports the annual Wheels for Meals ride that is hosted in Buena Vista to benefit the Meals on Wheels program.