Chinese Club

Chinese Club is dedicated to progressing W&L students' interest in and understanding of Chinese language, culture, and current events, as they pertain to modern educational and professional pursuits.

Contact: Tracy Wang '20


Article I: History

Washington and Lee University's Chinese Club is the first organization of its kind on campus. Providing opportunities for immersive Chinese-language activities and discussions, Chinese Club was created to address the language-acquisition, cultural understanding, and professional concerns of current Chinese students and native speakers interested in pursuing future studies and work with China.

Article II: Requirements of Membership

Chinese Club is open to all prospective, past, and present students and speakers of Chinese. No application for membership is required; prospective members need only contact club leadership to receive more information.

Article III: Organization of Leadership

3.1 President will be elected through general body election each winter term. President is in charge of making final call on activities that the club will pursue, hosting general body and officer meetings, and initiating planning for club activities in collaboration with other officers and, when appropriate, general body.

3.2 Vice President will be elected through general body election each winter term. Vice President will help President with general duties. VP will also help plan events for the year and contribute to new member recruitment.

3.3 Treasurer will be elected through general body election. Treasurer will work with other officers to determine planned activities and projected budget, apply for EC funding, and ensure timely application for Continuing Active Status with EC. Treasurer will also help plan events for the year and contribute to new member recruitment.

3.4 Secretary will be elected through general body election. will record notes from each meeting, including notes of key vocabulary and translations for Chinese-language words spoken during meetings, which will be sent out after each meeting. Secretary will keep email list updated and send out emails.

Article IV: Benefit to the W&L and Surrounding Community

Chinese Club brings a rich new celebration of Chinese culture and an effective tool for educational and professional development to our campus. Chinese Club is unique in that it allows students and native speakers of Mandarin alike to immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture via Chinese-language club meetings, Chinese cultural activities such as Calligraphy and cooking, and Chinese-language movie viewings and discussions. Moreover, Chinese Club takes multicultural learning in a professional direction, allowing members to earn Table Hours and learn more about current events by participating in Chinese-language discussions on topics ranging from China's current environmental crisis and proposed solutions including litigation and regulation, to advice for students seeking to intern, study, and work in China. This organization, through its varied activities and educational opportunities, seeks to prepare the W&L student body for highly globalized personal and professional lives.