Boxing Club

The Boxing Club at Washington and Lee aims to provide an environment for students to learn and improve their boxing skills while keeping one another accountable for their goals. It teaches members to learn safe technique and form while developing their skills.

Contact: Matthew Mesisklis '19




Boxing was an intercollegiate sport at W&L until 1945, and since has been a club that has come and gone as the years have gone by.

Article 1: Mission Statement

Section A: Name - The name of the club is The Boxing Club.
Section B: Purpose - The purpose of the club shall be:

1. To provide an environment for students to learn and improve their boxing skills while keeping one another accountable for their goals
2. To learn safe technique and form in boxing
3. To foster community between W&L and VMI
4. To develop skills such as perseverance, trust, and honor within the boxing community
5. To build courage, strength, and a good work ethic

Article II: Membership

Section A: Eligibility - To be eligible for membership, one must be enrolled at Washington and Lee University (either Undergraduate or School of Law), have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and be in good standing with the University. Each member is expected to provide his own wraps, and encouraged to provide his own gloves.
Section B: Expectations - All members are expected to abide by the expectations of the Washington and Lee community and the Honor System. No student may lie, cheat or steal. Doing so is grounds for expulsion from the Boxing Club, as determined by the officers. Furthermore, all members are expected to be respectful of other members, officers, and coaches. Members of the Boxing Club promise to use boxing only for good sport.

Article III: Officers

Section A: Officers - The officers shall be two co-captains, secretary, and treasurer.
Section B: Eligibility - Officers must be full time students, as specified by the University, and maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA.
Section C: Election - The officers shall be elected by majority vote at the end of the Winter term, conducted by the Senior members. Raising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to vote.
Section D: Term - The officer shall serve for one year, starting in the Spring semester.
Section E: Vacancy - If there is a vacancy in any of the officer positions, a special election shall be conducted to fill the position.

Article IV: Roles of Officers

Section A: Co-captain - It shall be the duty of the co-captains to:
- Schedule and run practices
- Communicate with club
- Foster team unity and team building
- Coordinate events with the VMI Boxing Club
- Coordinate with any coach or special guests
- Represent the club to the University and the Student Body
- Work and communicate with the other officers and one another as issues arise
- Explain campus policy and safety that applies to the Boxing Club
Section B: Secretary - It shall be the role of the secretary to:
- Keep a file of the club's records, paperwork, and constitution
- Maintain a current roster of membership
- Turn in required documents to University officials
Section C: Treasurer - It shall be the role of the treasurer to:
- Receive all funds and process payment and deposit slips
- Keep a record of all recipes and expenditures
- Work with the Washington and Lee Executive Committee in requesting funding
- Setting up and organizing revenue events (see Article V, Section B)
- Conduct a vote to determine how to use the club's finances (see Article V, Section A)

Article V: Finances

Section A: Purchases - All purchases/expenditures shall be approved by a majority vote conducted by the Treasurer.
Section B: Fundraising - The Club is expected to raise money through fundraising events at least once a semester. This is to be coordinated by the Treasurer. All members are expected to participate.

Article VI: Practices

Section A: Practices - Practices shall be conducted at least three times a week during the school year unless issues arise. This is at the discretion of the co-captains.
Section B: Safety - Proper safety measure shall be taken for all members, as instructed by the co-captains and coaches. No sparring may be conducted during practice at Washington and Lee. It is the responsible of the Secretary to file all waiver and safety forms with the proper officials.

Article VII: Amendments

Section A: Amendments - this constitution may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the club. The vote shall be presided over by the Secretary.