2018 Fall Emergency Budget Allocations

Please respond to the following questions in addition to signing up for an interview on the attached spreadsheet. Be sure to include a breakdown of your expenses.

A completed application is that which includes the questions below, your Excel sheet from spring budget allocations, and a breakdown of your unforeseen expenses for which you are requesting emergency funding (attached to the recent email sent by the Executive Committee.)

Email application to ec@mail.wlu.edu by Wednesday, October 17th at 11:59 PM.

Interview times are available here. All interviews will take place on Tuesday, October 23rd in the EC room (Early Fielding 121.) Per the budget policy revised Spring 2018, organizations requesting less than $350 will NOT be required to sign up for an in-person interview. 

If you did not request funding during Spring Budget Allocations, contact EC Vice President Grace Smith (smithk20@mail.wlu.edu) for an additional sheet in which to fill out projected expenses.

Reminder: Per Article IX. ii, the EC shall not fund the following: transportation (except mileage expenses for driving to and from organization's events,) uniforms, lodging, alcoholic beverages, politically partisan organizations and religious organizations, honor societies, or Greek organizations.

The Application


President/Chair:         Phone:         Email:
Treasurer:                   Phone:         Email:
Active Membership:

  1. Please briefly summarize why you are seeking emergency funding (50 word summary of events or explanation of planning).
  2. If applicable, please explain why actual expenses have differed from expected expenses. Write a paragraph of 50-100 words to detail each discrepancy.
  3. If applicable, please explain why actual revenues have differed from expected revenues. Write a paragraph of 50-100 words to detail each discrepancy.
  4. If applicable, please detail any new expenses that were not initially proposed in your Spring 2018 application. Write 100-150 words per expense.

Spring EC Allocation: ________ + Other Earned Income: ________+ Future Income: ________
- Incurred Expenses: ________ - Projected Future Expenses: ________ 
= Emergency Budget Request: $________

By submitting this application, I certify that the above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I have read and understand the EC's General Budgeting Policies. [Your name]