Current Subcommittees

The Executive Committee officially decided to start Subcommittes focused on different student body issues. The goal is that these subcommitees will create action items for immediate changes and standing committees for discussion of long-term change.

Education (Gavron Campbell '22, Sean Moran '20L, Olivia Indelicato '21)

Constitutional Review Standing Committee (Andrew Brouse '20, Bo Torbert '20, Dan Kator '21L)

White Book Amendment Standing Committee (Chad Thomas '21, Gavron Campbell '22, Matt Condon '22)

Standing Committee on Inclusion (Olivia Indelicato '21, Chad Thomas '21 with student body members Grace Roquemore '21, Chase Isbell '21, and Emma Wilson '21)

Standing Committee on the Law School (Sean Moran '20L, Dan Kator '21L, Bo Torbert '20)