Chesapeake Bay Program Internships

Physiological ecology of fish and hypoxia

The Chesapeake Program in Environmental Studies is funding a summer research fellowship at Virginia Institute of Marine Science Eastern Shore Lab for 2014. The student would assist on research examining the physiological and behavioral response of estuarine fish to hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions. This research is a collaborative project between Robert Humston (W&L), Mary Fabrizio (VIMS), and Rich Brill (NOAA / VIMS). Responsibilities would include assisting with experiments as well as conducting experiments independently. The goal is to develop a specific research project for the intern to complete while also providing the opportunity to learn by assisting with other experiments related to the research. The fellowship includes funding for travel and housing, stipend, and research costs.

Rare Plant Monitoring and Management in Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park supports over 60 rare plant species located in populations throughout the Park. Rare plant populations are vulnerable to a variety of stressors such as invasive plants, human impacts, and climatic changes. Park staff periodically monitor rare plant populations to assess population status and threats. For this project, the intern would work with botany program staff to select a rare plant species for monitoring. The intern would then work with botany program staff to monitor all populations of the target species within the Park. At each population, basic qualitative monitoring would be completed, a subset of the populations would also be selected for more detailed quantitative monitoring and photo points. The intern would then create a species profile and report which summarized information on the species natural history, habitat in SHEN, threats, monitoring status, and management recommendations. This project will require extensive backcountry hiking on and off trail. It requires an intern with a very strong level of personal physical fitness.

Interested students should contact Dr. Humston for more information ( Applications should be submitted by December 2 through the Biology online application system (