2012 Capstone Projects

Rebecca Bolton '12 - What are the sources of pollution in Woods Creek and what type of changes in land use practices can best improve the water quality?

Kelly Cossey '12 -  Social and private costs and benefits of mountaintop removal in West Virginia

David Dennis '12 - Effects of movement between a tributary system and a main order stream on the growth rates of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) determined by otolith microstructure and chemistry.

Mackenzie Doss '12 - Blue Carbon for Mangrove Conservation: Examining the potential for carbon payments to cover opportunity costs of shrimp farming in NE Brazil

Ben Fass '12 - Local Foresting Practices: a truly global evaluation

Elizabeth George '12 - Reconstructing environmental changes in the lower Connecticut River using diatoms

Tal Jacobs '12 - Should the Bay Have Beef with Cow-Calf Operations? Incorporating an Investigation of Cow Feces Nutrient Contents to Evaluate Nutrient Pollution Potential

Taylor Malone '12 - The Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania: Local Economic and Environmental Implications

Parker Pritchett '12 - The Role of Coyote Bounties in Virginia Environmental Policy

Allison Shearin '12 - Global Climate Change: Industry Manipulation of Facts in Media and Public Opinion

Kelsey Sizer '12 - Economic Consequences Associated with the Degradation of the Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem: An Updated Study

Morten Wendelbo '12 - Mitigating the disconnection between science and policy: The case for an independent EPA

Ellen Yeatman '12 - Long-Term Global Warming Effects on Soil Carbon Decomposition: From Carbon Sink to Carbon Source