2018 Capstone Projects

Walker Abbott ’18 – “Uranium mining in Virginia”

Owen Brannigan ’18 – “Can community engagement enhance sustainability efforts in higher education?”

Sam Cochran ‘18, Hines Liles ‘18, and William Rhyne ’18 – “Water conservation methods for rice agriculture in Arkansas”

Mackenzie Dalton ‘18, Sam Ross ‘18, and Chris Osier ’18 – “Maury river dam removal: ecological, geomorphic, and social impacts”

Shlomo Honig ’18 – “Feasibility of converting campus boiler operations for biofeedstock at W&L”

Tessa Horan – ’18 – “Pesticide levels in the Maury River and human health concerns”

Juliana Keeling ’18 – “Sustainable packaging solutions for the emerging U.S. marijuana industry”

Patrick Murphy ’18 – “Assessing risk of novel mammalian virus reservoirs in the southeastern United States”

Mamie Smith ’18 – “Cultural values and stakeholder preferences for management of House Mountain”

Sierra Tamm ’18 and Amanda Meador ’18 – “Corporate social responsibility in the sugar industry”

Morgan Trimas ’18 – “Assessing invasiveness of introduced crayfish in the James River basin”

James Willey ’18 – “Viability of proactive measures to reduce storm damage risk in the Outer Banks”