2017 Capstone Projects

Mark T. Anspach ’17 – “Maximizing the Economic Potential of Pebble Mine at Minimal Ecological Risk to Bristol Bay Fisheries”

Jenna N. Biegel ’17 – “Addressing the limited access to improved water sources in rural, urban, and agricultural regions of Ouest, Cameroon”

Madeleine R. Boireau ’17 – “The Actual Cost of Feeding the Nation: Water Conservation and Agriculture in California”

Rachana Ghimire ’17 – “Flood Insurance Risk Maps and Social Vulnerability in Orleans Parish”

Caitlin H. Kaloostian ’17 – “Impacts of Established Environmental Policies on Natural Ungulate Migration Routes in Northeastern Tanzania”

Anne P. Kellam ‘17 –“ Incorporating management units as a way to better manage short-finned pilot whales”

Harry R. Lustig ’17 – “Management of Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) in Virginia: Political Influence and Business Interest v. Scientific Inquiry and Ecological Health”

Alejandro J. Paniagua Rojas ’17 – “Can Costa Rica meet its original deadline to become carbon-neutral by 2021 through the use of artificial trees as a new carbon capture mechanism?”

Alison T. Peacock ‘17 – “From Coal to Clean Energy: A Choice Survey Analysis”

Kathryn M. Pettit ’17 – “Natural Disasters and Political Stability in South Asia & Southeast Asia”

Brianna K. Rakouska ’17 – ‘The Politics of Deforestation: A Panel Data Investigation”

Michael A. Robinson ’17 – “The Hawaiian GE Papaya: Understanding and Combatting Knee-Jerk GMO Opposition”