Ricardo A. Wilson II Assistant Professor of English

Ricardo A. Wilson II

Washington Hall 110
On pre-tenure leave 2019-2020


Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of Southern California
B.A., African-American Studies, Brown University


Twentieth and twenty-first-century African-American and American literature and culture; hemispheric studies of blackness; the evacuation of language around issues of race


ENGL 203: Introduction to the Short Story
ENGL 293: Race and the Zombie Apocalypse
ENGL 295: Neo-Slave Narratives
ENGL 299: Utopia, Science Fiction, and the Idea of America(s)
ENGL 367: The Nineteenth Century and Its Shadow
ENGL 394: James Baldwin and His Interlocutors
WRIT 100: Writing Seminar for First Years: On the Flip
WRIT 100: Writing Seminar for First Years: Race, Memory, Nation

Selected Publications

The Nigrescent Beyond: Mexico, the United States, and the Psychic Vanishing of Blackness (Northwestern University Press, 2020)
“Crackerasssuckafool,” Stirring: A Literary Collection 20.4.
“In the Blind: Alfonso Cuarón and the Question of Futurity,” CR: The New Centennial Review 16.2: 151-182.
“Evidence for Baldwin,” Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire 11.2-3: 88-93.
“Saturday,” Callaloo 31.3: 871-875.

Work in Progress

The Color of Remorse: Reading Apology and the African Encounter Across the Americas
Apparent Horizons: A Collection of Stories and Novellas
The Deafman: A Novel
“Toomer, Cane, and the Idea of a Racialized Unconscious”