Village PowerDown 2020 is here! Ready to lower your energy use, reduce W&L's carbon footprint and win fabulous prizes? Then you are ready for the PowerDown Challenge!

Woo-hoo it's the Village PowerDown Challenge 2020! Feel super excited but have no idea what that actually means? Read on!

What? Every apartment and townhouse in the Village that enters will compete to see who can reduce their electricity use the most over the contest period by making small, common sense changes to their daily routines.

For example:

Turn your heat down a few degrees when you leave for the day (don't go crazy, 60 is plenty low) and when you go to bed.

Turn off lights you aren't using and unplug appliances, like toasters, phone chargers and hairdryers, when they are not in use.

Give your laundry an extended spin cycle in the washing machine to wring out all the water, then use shorter/low heat cycle on the dryer. Make sure to clean the lint filter after every use. Or better yet, skip the dryer and hang your clothes up to dry.

Make sure exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom are off when you don't need them.

If you have exterior doors and windows open, turn your thermostat off!   

When?  The competition runs from March 21 to April 10. Competition entry forms should be submitted by March 16. Miss the deadline? Entries after the 6th may be considered if they are in before March 20.Contact Chris Reid, Dean of Residence Life, to inquire.

Why? To help you build new energy saving habits that will reduce your environmental impact at W&L and beyond, to beat your friends and neighbors, and to win fabulous prizes!

First prize: Stay tuned for the still mysterious but definitely fabulous First Prize!

Second Prize: $25 U. Store gift card for each resident.

Third Prize: $10 U. Store gift card for each resident.

Visit every day! You can check your place in the competition standings AND view all the details of electricity use in the Village to plan a strategy for your climb to the top!