The Friendly Closed Door

Keeping doors closed between conditioned and non-conditioned spaces is environmentally friendly, budget friendly and comfort friendly. If you are running air conditioning and have a door open to unconditioned space, you are sending all the comfortable air your system is working so hard to make right out the door. Your system will try to maintain the temperature you want, but will have to use a lot of extra energy to succeed. And depending on the conditions in the next-door space, it may never be able to maintain the right temperature.

Click on one of the links below to download a printable friendly sign for your closed door:

Don't stop at your own door. Help uphold a friendly closed door policy across campus, and be on the lookout especially in these specific spots:

Elrod Commons

The Atrium is a big, open space that is not fully conditioned. To save energy, money, and keep the temperature comfortable in the building, all doors that open into the Atrium should stay closed. This includes the doors from the Atrium to the:

  • Stackhouse Theater
  • University Store
  • Living Room
  • Corridors to the 2nd floor meeting rooms
  • Career Development wing
  • Student Organization area

Baker Hall, Tucker Hall, the Red House or any space with a window AC unit:

If you are running a window AC unit, keep the door closed. Even in workrooms and lounges.

Lewis Hall

  • Keep the outside doors by the Brief Stop and to the patio closed. If you are looking to enjoy the warm spring breezes, go ahead and sit outside, with the door closed behind you!

Hillel House

  • Keep exterior doors and windows closed. If you need a window open (for example on a hot summer night when the AC is off), remember to close it when you leave.

Have you noticed other areas on campus that need some closed-door attention? Let us know!