Week One: Take Stock

  • Count the number of items in your office/work space that are that are plugged in to an electrical outlet. Do you really need all those things? If you have a mini fridge or coffee pot, is there a communal kitchen you could be using instead? If you have a desktop printer, is it time to switch to the bizhub?
  • If you only have items you really need, are you only powering them when you really need them? Do you shut down your computer every night? Do you remember to switch off the monitor? Do you unplug devices like chargers and coffee pots when you are not actively using them?
  • Notice how much natural light your space gets. If you have windows, do you have blinds or shades? Do you put them down at night to keep heat/cool in? Do you keep the electric lights off when there is plenty of natural daylight it? Do you turn off your lights every time you leave your space? Do you turn lights off in public spaces when they are empty?
  • Do you have a thermostat in your space? Do you understand how your thermostat works - i.e. does is actually control the temperature in your space or just send information back to a central controller?
  • Do you have a space heater? If so, have you called Facilities to find out why your space is cold and to explore better options for warming it up?