Secret to a Shorter, Sweeter Shower? Tunes!

1009 students live on campus. A few hundred more shower at the gym, team locker rooms and fitness center. The most efficient showerheads on campus have a flow of 2.2 gallons of water, and in older buildings and houses that rate is much higher. So put it all together and W&L is sending a lot of water down the drain.

Wanting to save water is easy. Taking a quick shower (when outside is cold and water is warm/ when everything hurts/ when it's the only time ALL DAY you will have to yourself/ when you keep nodding off, etc.) can be hard.

But there's a  new way to keep track of your shower time, and you could even win a prize (How's that for great resume material- "prize winning shower-taker"). Just make the Spotify open playlist "W&L Shower Jams" your clean-up soundtrack!

Go to, or find the playlist on the wluLex Spotify profile. (Don't already have a Spotify account? Creating a basic account is free and easy).Then use your own device or find the shower stall in you Residence Hall/Theme House/ Greek House with the blue tooth speaker installed and start singing (briefly) in the rain!

All playlist songs are 4 minutes or under, so if you turn off the faucet when the second song ends you're hitting the average US shower time. Hop out before the second song is over and you are excelling. A better than average day before you even leave the house - how great is that?!

And it gets better. If you add your own song to the playlist (under 4 min only please) you're automatically entered in a drawing for prizes including a year's subscription to Spotify and $50 itunes gift cards.

This is a student-inspired initiative brought to you through the Office of Sustainability and the Energy Education program. If you have ideas for improving this initiative or developing others, please share your feedback!