Quick Tips for Saving Energy at Home while on Vacation

Leaving town for a few days? Give your appliances and your wallet a break too!

  • Set the temperature on your air conditioner up to 85 in the summer or down to 55 in the winter so you will only engage your system when temperatures become extreme. When you return, make sure to turn the temperature down/up gradually to avoid damaging the system.
  • Turn your hot water heater down. Many even have a “vacation” mode. No need to heat water you are not using!
  • Unplug everything! Almost everything with a plug continues to draw power even when it is off. Cut off the flow of energy (and money!) completely by pulling the plug.
  • Close your blinds or curtains to avoid trapping heat from sun in the summer and to have an extra layer against heat loss in the winter.
  • Check your automatic light timers. If you have lights on timers for security reasons, check them to make sure the time of day schedule make sense for the season. If you are using settings you put in over the winter holidays over the summer, for example, lights will come on several hours before they are needed.
  • Check the forecast. If you are using automatic sprinklers it might be worth checking the weather forecast for the week to see if your programmed watering is necessary. A lot of expected rain is not great for your week at the beach, but it could be good for your water bill.

Don’t forget to leave your office in vacation mode, too! University Policy requires all employees to turn off computers and unplug appliances at the end of every day. Take a few extra minutes to be sure everything in your work space is off before you head out.