Is Your Desk Lamp Making You Cold?

The thermostat on your wall is a sensor, taking the temperature of the room and deciding if a space needs more heat, more cooling, or if it’s just right.  If you have a lamp placed close to your thermostat, the heat from the lightbulb might be tricking the system into thinking that your room is already warm enough and reducing active heating – or even kicking it into air conditioning.

If you’re wondering why cold air is coming from your vent in February, take a minute to make sure your thermostat is not next to a lamp, under a coat rack, behind a book case, under a cat, or otherwise more insulated than the rest of the room.

In some places on campus several areas are controlled by a single wall thermostat, so if you are having this problem but do not have a thermostat in your space, check in with your neighbors. Just please ask before rearranging their furniture.