Concerned about Climate Change? Make a Difference Right from Your Dorm Energy Tips for On-Campus Living

A General's Guide to Easy Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Living

Your Thermostat and You

Set Cooling at 74 or above / Set Heat at 72 or below Too hot/cold with pre-programmed temperature range? Do not tamper with your thermostat. Call Facilities at ext. 8490 for help with an adjustment.  

Keep Fan mode in "auto" so it will only come on when needed.

The "Emheat" mode indicates auxiliary heat and is extremely energy intensive. Avoid it!  

Leaving for the day, or longer? Widen your temperature range!* You save 3% on energy & costs for every degree you go down in heat mode or up in cool mode. Heating & cooling are the biggest factors in W&L's carbon footprint. You impact that directly with your thermostat.   *Don't set heat lower than 55˚  

Get Some Fresh Air

Mild weather? Turn your thermostat to OFF and open doors and windows. Remember to close them again before turning the thermostat back on.   

Beware of Exhaustion Run bathroom exhaust fans only when necessary. They are designed to suck out all your nice conditioned air and replace it continuously - a cycle that uses a lot of energy. Where the bathroom exhaust fan is tied to the light switch, be extra attentive to having the light on only when it's really needed.  

Manage your Blind Side Hot Outside? Close the blinds during the day to keep the sun from adding heat to your space. Cold Outside? Leave blinds open during the day to let solar heat in, and close them at night to help keep it in.  

Make Your Wash Low-Waste Only run your washer/dryer with full loads. Hot water is not necessary for most loads of laundry. Unless it's really gross, choose "warm" or "cold" settings. Added benefit of using cold water:  you don't have to separate colors. Clean out the lint filter every time you use the clothes dryer. This not only increases efficiency, it decreases risk of fire. When possible, skip the dryer and air-dry your clothes on a rack.   

Don't Send Savings Down the Drain Turn off water while you brush your teeth, shave, scrub dishes in the sink etc. Turn it back on to rinse. Keep your shower short. Even the newest fixtures use 2.5 gallons per minute - every minute counts! Report any leaks to Facilities Management at ext. 8490. Just one dripping faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water.  

Know Your Dishwasher Cycles! Excited to have a dishwasher? Confused about the cycle options? Let's keep it simple. Just use the NORMAL cycle. It's the one you need 99.9% of the time and uses the least amount of energy & water. It's also the fastest at 2.5 hrs. (compare that to the "SOAK & CLEAN cycle at 7.5 hrs!) Under OPTIONS, turn off "heat dry" for additional energy savings.