Low-Wattage Wisdom Little Bits of Awesomeness

Faculty & Staff: Take the Energy Challenge, Earn a Wellness Token!

Using a short set of tips & tasks each week for three weeks, this challenge will guide you through better understanding your energy use habits, and finding simple ways to improve them at work and at home. Participating in the Wellness Program? This challenge is an option under the Environmental Wellbeing category. Take the steps, earn a token, and learn something!

Is Your Desk Lamp Making You Cold?

One hot little bulb can have a chilling effect. Place a lamp too close to your thermostat and you may be tricking your HVAC system into an uncomfortable, and wasteful, mistake.

Is Your Mini-Fridge Cool?

Personal refrigerators can consume as much energy (and cost) as full size refrigerators. Run through this easy checklist to make sure your mini fridge is cool.

Trying to Save Energy? Feeling Exhausted?

Exhaust fans are designed to suck all the air out of a space to get rid of anything you might not want to breathe in (smoke, odors etc.) as thoroughly as possible. When you need them, you need them. When you don’t – get them off!

Slow Motion Sensors

Motion sensor lights seem like a great way to save energy. And they can be. But they can also create a lot of waste. Surprised? Read on...

The Friendly Closed Door

Keeping doors closed between conditioned and non-conditioned spaces is good for the environment, the budget, and your comfort. Download a friendly closed door sign here.

Secret to a Shorter, Sweeter Shower? Tunes!

The average shower time in the US is 8 minutes. That’s a time we know we can meet, and beat! Easier said than done? Let music sooth your savage shower (that’s a common expression, really)…click for details