Owen Hadden '21 Geospatial Technologies

What are you doing now?

I am currently enrolled in the graduate certificate program for geospatial technologies. In the program, I am strengthening my existing knowledge in different GIS programs, such as ArcGIS and Global Mapper (both of which I used at Washington and Lee) while also adding new skills to my toolkit, such as more rigorous programming and data mining.

How did geology at W&L prepare you?

The geology courses taught at Washington and Lee are so diverse that I truly feel prepared to go into a number of different geoscience fields. But at the same time, opportunities such as summer research with faculty and completing an undergraduate thesis allows for a deeper dive into a very specific area of interest. I think W&L really helped both decided what I wanted to do as a career and gave me useful knowledge to build upon as I progress towards the career of my choice.

What do you hope to do with your Geoscience education?

I am not sure specifically what field I want to go into after my program is complete, but I do want to incorporate my GIS knowledge into my career. The beauty of GIS is that it is used in many different fields and industries even outside of geoscience.