Matt Villante '20 Geothermal Energy

About Matt's program: 

I am on the M.Sc. sustainable energy science track with a geothermal specialization. However, I have gotten to take courses in many areas of the renewable industry from energy finance/law to geothermal reservoir engineering. It has been a great opportunity to learn from experts in the field here and understand some of the challenges and opportunities for renewables in the future.

When did you realize you were a geoscientist?

I first realized I was a geoscientist when I found myself rearranging my pack and stuffing gear into my pockets, so I had more room for rocks in my bag while hiking.

What do you hope to do with your Geoscience education and why? 

While I am still sorting out what I will be researching for my master's thesis, I hope to use my geoscience education to conduct research that will benefit society as we look towards decarbonizing our future. Confronting climate change can be ominous and sometimes defeating, but I want to show people that there is hope if we can adapt as humans have done for centuries before us. The future is ours to make and I have faith that with more students pursuing geoscience educations, we will be able to craft a future that will be sustainable for generations to come.

What do you like to do in your free time? What's your favorite hike in Rockbridge?

Hiking, rock climbing, running, biking, and nature bathing. My favorite hike in Rockbridge is the Jump Mountain loop in Goshen. Dave recommended this hike and I finally got around to it senior year - it offers some of the best views of Lexington, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the entire valley.