Earth and Environmental Geoscience Careers

Our alumni have gone into a variety of fields after majoring in geology and environmental geoscience at Washington and Lee University. Ranging from renewable energy, to earthquake research, to conservation of geological heritage sites, our alumni have done it all! Click on any of the profiles below to explore different career paths in geoscience. If you would like to hear more from any of the alumni listed below, reach out to our administrative assistant, Sarah Wilson, for contact information.

Clare Wilkinson '17 Bicultural Research & Geomorphologist

Clare recently recieved her PhD in Geology for bicultural research at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She weaved both geomorphic techniques and social science to better understand landscape change following major disturbances.

Duncan Manley '20 Solar Energy

Duncan is a Project Finance Analysist for a solar company, Safari Energy, in New York City. His company builds and sells turnkey solar arrays to businesses looking to decrease their carbon footprint and save money on energy in the long term.

Shlomo Honig '18 Oil and Gas

Shlomo is a geoscientist at ExxonMobil. In graduate school he studied sedimentary deposits of Wyoming’s Green River Basin during the Early Eocene.

James Biemiller '15 Research Geophysicist

James is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Scripps Oceanography Institute, University of California, San Diego. He studies the physical and geological conditions that lead to different types of earthquakes on active faults.

Kenta Sayama '19 Archaeology & Heritage Conservation

Kenta is a PhD student in the School of Geography and Environment, University of Oxford. Combining his geology and archaeology degrees, he documents and conserves geological heritage sites in the Middle East to provide data about past regional climate.

Kyle Turpin '17 Energy Capital Project Analyst

Kyle is a project analyst for Independent Project Analysis just outside of DC. He works in the environmental realm of energy production, focusing on the capital aspect of energy companies.

Matt Villante '20 Geothermal Energy

Matt is currently earning a Master's in Sustainable Energy Science with a Geothermal Specialization from Reykjavík University, Iceland.

Maya Reimi Sipala '12 Electronics & Semiconductors

Maya is a scientist at Balazs NanoAnalysis, Air Liquide in Silicon Valley. She analyzes impurities in chemicals used in advanced electronics in order to build more efficient, smaller, and cheaper electronics.

Owen Hadden '21 Geospatial Technologies

Owen recently graduated from W&L and is pursuing a degree in Geospatial Technologies which focuses on GIS programs.

Phil Kong '15 Research Chemical Oceanographer

Phil is a PhD candidate in Chemical Oceanography, University of Southern California. He studies how trace metal dynamics control the distribution of life in the oceans.

Rob Riley '15 Solar Energy

Rob is a senior associate at Silicon Ranch (the U.S. solar platform for Shell) in the Project Development group.

Sam Ross '18 Environmental Consulting

Sam works in the environmental consulting industry as a staff geologist for TriHydro Corporation.

Sequoya Bua-Iam '17 Environmental Protection

Sequoya works for the EPA's Drinking Water Program