Emerson Lynch Visiting Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Geoscience

Emerson Lynch

Science Addition 117


Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ - PhD in Earth Sciences, 2019-present
Boston University, Boston, MA - PhD work in Earth Science, 2016-2019
Smith College, Northampton, MA - BA Mathematics, 2011-2015 (Minor: Geosciences)


My research focuses on the interplay between crustal faults and the subduction zone plate interface — specifically, (1) what drives upper plate deformation, and (2) where, when, and how big past earthquakes were. As a field geologist, I incorporate tools and methods from different disciplines within Earth sciences to answer these questions. In addition to traditional field mapping, I collect detailed topographic surveys, excavate paleoseismic trenches, and analyze charcoal samples for radiocarbon dating.