Megan Fulcher Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Science

Megan Fulcher

Parmly Hall Room 232


Ph.D., University of Virginia - 2004


I am interested in children's social emotional development in the context of the family. I am particularly interested in children's gender role development. Most children understand gender role stereotypes but adhere to these stereotypes to varying degrees. It is these individual differences between children that interest me. Currently, I am working on two projects that examine how children's ideas about gender impact their ideas about their future work and family roles.


PSYC 113: Principles of Development
PSYC 120: Quantitative Literacy in the Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 213: Development of Human Sexuality (previously offered as PSYC 395)
PSYC 250: Research Design and Analysis
PSYC 261: Socioemotional Development
PSYC 262: Gender Role Development
PSYC 362: Directed Research in Developmental Psychology