W&L Fall 2021 Testing Plan

Arrival Testing

Between August 11 and September 7, 2021 the university will administer PCR COVID tests to all undergraduate and law students, regardless of their vaccination status, upon their initial arrival to campus. Test results will be available the day after testing. Arrival testing dates will be assigned, and students will pre-schedule an arrival testing appointment through the Aura app or web portal.There will be no arrival testing for employees.

Diagnostic/Symptomatic Testing

Anyone with possible symptoms of COVID-19 is advised to stay home, contact their health care provider for assessment/indicated testing, and to self-isolate while the test result is pending. Students should contact the Student Health Center at 540-458-8401. The Student Health Center will test students on site for the Coronavirus antigen with a rapid test that gives results in 15 minutes. This test is recommended for individuals with symptoms, within the first five days of illness. If a follow up PCR test is indicated, samples may be sent out to a commercial lab. Employees should contact their personal healthcare provider or local urgent care center. The cost of such testing is typically billed to/covered by most health insurance plans.

Screening Testing

All students and employees who have approved exemptions to the vaccination requirement and are not fully vaccinated are required to participate in weekly COVID testing. Screening testing for fully vaccinated individuals is not planned at the present time but may be resumed if indicated by local infection rates and public health guidance.

Wastewater Surveillance Testing

The university has the ability to test wastewater from various campus buildings as a sentinel early indicator for presence of virus in identified locations. Wastewater surveillance is planned for the first few weeks of school and may be continued beyond that depending on indicators in the local environment.