COVID-19 Testing Dashboard Updated May 17, 2021

This dashboard reports W&L's Spring Term COVID-19 testing results. It will be updated at least weekly when student and employee test results are received. All positive cases will be posted to the Dashboard within 24 hours of notification.

7-Day Rolling Test Results as of May 17, 2021

Tests Administered (Students and Employees)
Positive Results
7-Day Positivity Rate

Cumulative Test Results – From Apr. 25 to May 17, 2021

Tests Administered (Students and Employees)
Positive Results
Cumulative Positivity Rate

Testing data reported above are based on the university's arrival, diagnostic/symptomatic, asymptomatic contact, and screening testing. Self-reported positive cases are also included in these data, including those from students who are currently enrolled but may not be on campus. The data are being communicated to appropriate state and local health departments.

Read more about W&L's COVID-19 Testing Plan.

Total positive cases reported by date illustrates arrival and ongoing campus-based testing results, and also includes self-reported results from local testing:

Isolation and Quarantine (I/Q) Occupancy

Total Bed Capacity
Beds in Use
Current Week's I/Q Bed Occupancy
Current Week's I/Q in Other

W&L Campus Community Vaccinations

Vaccination data reported above shows the percentage of all active students, faculty and staff who have self-reported COVID-19 vaccinations through the university's Daily Attestation application. Fully vaccinated is defined as two weeks following the date of final dose. Partially vaccinated is defined as having received either a first dose, or a second dose within the past 14 days.

W&L COVID-19 Environment Levels

On April 13, the environment level was changed from yellow-middle to yellow-low based on the following factors:

  • Sustained low number of active COVID-19 cases among the campus community
  • Sustained low pressure on the university's Isolation/Quarantine (I/Q) capacity
  • Sustained low pressure on the university’s contact tracing resources