Statement of Student Life Principles and Expectations

The Statement of Community Expectations clearly states that the University's guidance may in some cases be more stringent than public health recommendations and will ultimately be what we, as a community, follow. As a member of the W&L community, I understand my responsibility to follow the W&L Community Expectations, and apply the agreement within my social experience as follows:

Organization, club, and council business may be conducted in person and inside if the group is no larger than 10 people1 and allows for at least six feet of physical distancing. All participants must wear face coverings. [This is in line with how faculty and staff are being asked to conduct their business that requires group participation.]

  • We understand and will comply with hosting groups virtually or outdoors if business being conducted needs to include more than 10 people. If the appropriate amount of physical distancing cannot be followed in the identified outdoor space, then face coverings are required.
  • Should business meetings occur off-campus we will follow this same guidance and remind household members of their responsibility to do pre/post cleaning of spaces that may be used by meeting/event participants, as well as limit access to indoor space (including bathrooms).

On-campus social activity inside (housing or otherwise)

  • We respect that at this time, no guests will be allowed to visit, and this includes non-residents of a designated space (houses, apartment, townhomes, halls). The only exceptions to this will be meals taken by members at fraternity houses, per Dining and Residence Life guidelines that are being communicated from those offices.
  • We understand that per Residence Life guidelines, common spaces will have signage identifying the maximum occupancy allowed for a gathering of house/hall residents. Maximum occupancy numbers will be set based on the size of the room and ability to also allow for at least six feet of physical distancing.
  • We agree that when outside of campus housing, the hosting person/organization will still need to comply with common space occupancy restrictions by room, furniture configurations, and the most recent Virginia Department of Health (VDH) guidelines which will be clearly communicated in community meetings and on signage. [See Reopening of Campus Report, Part 7]
  • We will respect and will follow the stated guidelines that on-campus social events including parties, mixers, and date functions may not be registered or held until otherwise determined by the University. [See Reopening of Campus Report, Part 5]

Off-campus social activity is to be limited to your core group of housemates for at least the first two weeks of the term, following at least six feet of physical distancing and/or face coverings as addressed above for inside or outside gatherings.

  • We understand and will actively make social decisions with the understanding that only Traveller Dispatch vehicles will be available at the onset of the term. This is to ensure there will be safe ride capabilities for individuals or small groups. Student leaders, Traveller employees and the administration will continue discussion on this topic as we return to campus and consult with our VDH partners.

If a member of the W&L community (peers, faculty, staff, etc.) sees non-compliance with any of the above and makes a reasonable request to address the concern, you should comply. Refusal to adhere to these policies and expectations may result in an individual or group conduct referral.

*Specific to fraternities and sororities: Greek leaders will be involved with the enforcement or potential disciplinary action only if organizations (or a significant number of its members) are blatantly acting in a way that is incongruent with these principles or actively advocating against them.

As outlined in the Statement of Community Expectations, we understand and acknowledge that:

  • Failure to comply with University policies and guidelines jeopardizes the health of our fellow students, faculty, staff, and residents of Lexington and Rockbridge County.
  • Ignoring policies and guidelines may result in the cancellation of in-person classes and furloughs of W&L staff, which would have a serious educational impact on our students and a serious economic impact on affected staff and the broader Lexington and Rockbridge County community.
  • Choosing not to follow policies and guidelines may result in sanctions from the University including the possibility of students being removed from on-campus classes and faculty and staff not being allowed to come on campus.

1. Throughout this document, the use of people refers to current W&L community members (enrolled students, faculty and staff) since our buildings are not open to visitors, including students not currently enrolled. We understand that if a non-community member wishes to attend an outdoor event that does allow for appropriate physical distancing, all participants will still need to wear a face covering in an effort to be protective of our community against outside contact.