Statement of Community Expectations

Our collective responsibility as a University community in the face of COVID-19 extends to students, faculty, staff and members of the Lexington and Rockbridge County community. It is critical to develop a common set of community expectations to foster the creation of a healthy environment in the face of COVID-19. Life will be very different this year, requiring everyone to make changes to their daily habits, both on and off campus. The University's COVID-19 response plan provides detailed information about W&L's policies and guidelines for the coming year.

I affirm the following:

  • A University-wide approach is critical, and I support it. Any principles the University adopts apply to all constituents of the University in order to support the health of the entire community.
  • I will read and follow the latest guidance from the University as outlined in email communications from and on the COVID-19 Resources website. I agree to follow the University's guidance even if public health recommendations are less stringent.
  • I will wear masks both on-campus and off-campus, in all situations where required by the University or public health guidance. I will use other personal protective equipment as necessary for particular classes and other experiences.
  • I will take responsibility for cleaning my individual spaces.
  • I will clean and disinfect shared common spaces such as desks, cubicles, podiums, and residential bathroom facilities after using them.
  • I will practice good respiratory etiquette, which includes covering one's cough or sneeze and engaging in frequent hand washing. I also agree to refrain from sharing food and drink.
  • I will attest to my symptoms and known COVID-19 contacts daily, using the technology recommended by the University for recording that information, and keep a daily record of close contacts to facilitate public health tracing.
  • I will not attend in-person class, social functions, or any other co-curricular or extracurricular activity on or off campus if I am ill, experiencing flu-like symptoms, or have been exposed to someone who has been ill or tested positive for COVID-19.
  • I will participate in screening and ongoing testing for COVID-19 at the request of the University. I consent to the release of screening and testing information to the university and local public health authorities as needed to prevent and or mitigate community spread of disease and will share tracing information as requested with designated university administrators responsible for investigating positive cases.
  • If I am identified as a contact of someone with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, I will follow all University and public health recommendations related to quarantine and monitoring.
  • If I am diagnosed with COVID-19, I will follow all University and public health recommendations related to isolation and monitoring.
  • I will report any positive COVID-19 test results for myself or any close/household contact to the designated administrator in Human Resources (employees) or the Student Health Center (students) immediately (no later than twelve hours from receiving the test result).
  • I will abide by University guidelines regarding discretionary travel, as outlined on the COVID-19 Resources website.
  • I will not host anyone who is not a W&L student in on-campus student residential facilities, including Greek chapter houses. This includes family members.
  • I will limit gatherings on and off-campus to the size allowed under the policies of the University.
  • I will respect and follow the stated guidelines of local businesses and public spaces in the Lexington and Rockbridge community.
  • I will support the University, faculty, staff, and students in complying with University policies and public health recommendations. If needed, I will respectfully remind members of our community to comply with these expectations, and I will comply with them myself.

I understand and acknowledge that:

  • Failure to comply with University policies and guidelines jeopardizes the health of, and may even lead to the death of, my fellow students, faculty, staff, and residents of Lexington and Rockbridge County.
  • Ignoring policies and guidelines may result in the cancellation of in-person classes and furloughs of W&L staff, which would have a serious educational impact on W&L students and a serious economic impact on the broader Lexington and Rockbridge County community.
  • Choosing not to follow policies and guidelines may result in sanctions from the University including the possibility of students being removed from on-campus classes and faculty and staff not being allowed to come on campus. Additional information on possible sanctions for students may be obtained from Student Affairs and for faculty and staff from Human Resources.