Returning to the Workplace

To: Faculty and Staff
From: Steve McAllister, Elizabeth Oliver and Mary Main
Date: June 3, 2020
Subject: Return to Work Guide

Yesterday, Interim Provost Elizabeth Oliver reported that the university has established its Fall calendars, with law classes beginning on August 17 and undergraduate classes beginning on August 24, regardless of the mode of instruction. Those dates were communicated to faculty, staff, students and parents yesterday in order to facilitate planning for the summer and the coming academic year. In addition, Governor Northam announced yesterday that Virginia will enter Phase 2 reopening at the end of this week.

As the Contingency Planning Task Force wraps up the final phase of its work in the coming weeks, we are sharing the group's return to work plan now to allow time for our faculty and staff to plan accordingly. Washington and Lee is implementing a phased return to the workplace plan that applies to all faculty, staff and administrators. Our priority is the safety and well-being of our campus and surrounding community, and the plan has been designed to promote a gradual and safe return.

Phase One, from June 11 to July 13, is a preparation phase during which department heads will develop plans for their respective departments' return to work. During this time, a small percentage of employees may begin to return to the workplace with social distancing and protection hygiene practices in place, in order to prepare the campus for subsequent phases. Those employees who will return to work in Phase One will be notified this week by their department directors.

During Phase Two, from July 13 to August 10, we will return to campus operations by slowly bringing back personnel where we can continue to effectively maintain social distancing and protection hygiene. Up to 60% of W&L's workforce may return to work during Phase Two, provided department staffing plans have been approved by the executive director of Human Resources. Department directors will receive an additional communication which details how and when to submit plans for their department's return later today.

Phase Three, which begins August 10, is a return to full operations during which approximately 60% to 100% of employees may return to work. Social distancing and protection hygiene practices will remain in place and some employees may be asked to continue working from home during Phase Three, in order to reduce social contact within departments.

A comprehensive Guide for Returning to the Workplace, and related FAQs are available on the university's COVID-19 website. Please read these documents carefully to familiarize yourself with the steps being taken — and that you will need to take personally —before returning to campus this summer and fall.

If you have any questions, please email and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate campus resource.