Daily Attestation

As President Dudley communicated in his July 10 message, everyone in the W&L community has a crucial role to play in helping us make a safe return to campus for the Fall Term. Foremost among these contributions is complying with health and safety protocols to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are relying on every member of the campus community to actively participate in screening, testing, isolation and contact tracing to identify and contain any potential outbreaks.

To facilitate this effort, W&L has developed a mobile website featuring a daily health attestation and contact log. Launched Aug. 10, every employee and student in the Lexington area is required to use this site to attest to any possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure history on a daily basis.

For Faculty and Staff

The daily attestation must be done before the employee reports to work each day on campus. Supervisors will have access to a daily report that indicates whether the employee has completed the attestation. Employees may not work until this daily health check has been completed. All employees must complete the symptom/exposure check daily as a part of their own regular health monitoring routine, even if they are not scheduled to work or are not coming to campus.

For Undergraduate and Law Students

Once students return to the Lexington / Rockbridge area, the daily attestation must be done each day before students take part in activities on campus (e.g., going to class, a dining facility, the library). Faculty, coaches and staff with student employees will have access to a daily report that indicates whether the students have completed the attestation. Students may not attend in-person activities on campus until this daily health check has been completed. All students residing in the Lexington / Rockbridge area are encouraged to complete the symptom/exposure check daily as a part of their own regular health monitoring routine, even if they are not scheduled to come on to campus.

What Do You Need to Do?

  1. Visit the attestation website at: https://attest.wlu.edu. You may need to login with your W&L username and password, depending on whether you're using a university-owned device or your own personal device.
  2. President Dudley introduced the Statement of Community Expectations in his July 10 communication to the W&L community. The Community Expectations outline our collective responsibility as a university community to foster the creation and stewardship of a healthy environment in the face of COVID-19. All employees and students are required to review and sign an agreement to abide by these Community Expectations.

    Read the Affirmation and Agreement to Community Expectations statement. Click "I Acknowledge" to continue. You will only have to do this once.
  3. Once you've agreed to the Community Expectations as described above, you will be granted access each day to the Daily Attestation page. Here you will answer two questions, then click "submit."

The attestation site is designed to work on all types of devices, from desktop/laptop computers to personal mobile devices (iOS and Android instructions are available). From a cyber security standpoint, this application is delivered via browser that is responsive and usable on a smartphone as well as computer, but there is nothing to download or install.

A "how to" resource website has been established to address user questions, including:

  • How do I complete the daily attestation?
  • What happens when I answer "no" to both questions?
  • What happens if I answer "yes" to one or both screening questions?
  • What if I submit the wrong answers by accident?
  • Can I add a website icon to the Home Screen of my phone?
  • Will W&L access or use my contacts data?
  • How do I use the Contact Tracking feature?

Contact Tracking Feature

Along with the daily attestation, the site includes a contact tracking feature designed to provide a quick and convenient method for you to keep track of people with whom you've had close contact on a daily basis. Having a reliable list of close contacts you can provide to public health authorities should you test positive for COVID-19 is a valuable asset for helping limit the spread of the virus. While you are not required to use the tool W&L has created, you're encouraged to keep track of your daily contacts should you need to refer to them.

An Additional Method for Exposure Notification

The State of Virginia is the first state in the U.S. to implement an exposure notification app using the Apple/Google framework. The app is called COVIDWISE. The tool uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to quickly notify users who have likely been exposed so you can reduce the risk of infection for your family, friends and classmates and help Virginia stop the spread of COVID-19. To find out more and download the app, visit the Virginia Department of Health website. Note: W&L is not requiring use of COVIDWISE; its use is entirely optional for employees and students. The daily attestation is still required even if you choose to use COVIDWISE.

Thank you for acknowledging the Statement of Community Expectations and for using the daily attestation tool. We are grateful for your active participation in this important effort to help keep our campus community healthy.