Update for Fall Term - Law Students

To: W&L Law Students
From: The COVID-19 Committee
Date: Friday, September 25

Below is this week's update on the university's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please remember to check the COVID-19 Resources website for the latest campus messages, resources, and FAQs that are being updated regularly, and to submit your questions to covid19@wlu.edu

Rising COVID Cases and Restrictions

The COVID Environment Level on campus remains one step away from red this week. At the time of this communication, 21 undergraduate students have tested positive in the last seven days.

In addition to rising cases, we have also had a number of reports of both law and undergraduate students failing to comply with the community standards and COVID-19 restrictions. As a reminder, the following restrictions remain in place and will continue to be enforced:

  • No indoor gatherings, on or off campus, of more than 6 people (including housemates)
  • No outdoor gatherings, on or off campus, of more than 10 people
  • Physical distancing of at least six feet is required at all times, in all locations, indoors and out
  • Face coverings required at all gatherings, at all times, unless you are outdoors and more than six feet apart

Thank you again to all of you who have been working hard to abide by the COVID-19 restrictions. We appreciate the sacrifices that students, faculty and staff have made and continue to make during this challenging time. Your efforts do make a difference and they significantly improve our chances of completing the Fall Term on campus.

Testing Options

Students who are not exhibiting symptoms but would like a COVID-19 test have a new local option. The Rockbridge Area Health Center (RAHC) is now offering COVID-19 testing. If you are not experiencing symptoms, you do not have to be an established patient of the RAHC to be tested. Call 540-464-8700 to speak with RAHC's COVID Testing Coordinator to schedule testing.

Students with possible symptoms of COVID-19 are advised to stay home, contact Student Health at 540-458-8401 for assessment/indicated testing, and to self-isolate while the test result is pending. The Student Health Center can test students on-site for the Coronavirus antigen with a rapid test that gives results in 15 minutes. This test is recommended for individuals with symptoms, within the first five days of illness.

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