COVID-19 Cases on Campus

To: W&L Students, Faculty, Staff and Parents
From: The COVID-19 Committee
Date: September 30, 2020

Several new COVID-19 cases have been identified among Washington and Lee's population this week, including the first known case among law students and the first asymptomatic employee to test positive through the university's surveillance testing.

Yesterday, a law student received a positive test result in the Student Health Center, using the SARS CoV Antigen test which provides quick turnaround results for individuals exhibiting possible symptoms of COVID-19. In addition, two undergraduate students and one employee received positive COVID-19 test results as part of the university's ongoing surveillance testing program. Both of the undergraduate students had been identified as close contacts of previous cases and were already quarantining. All four individuals are now isolating.

Contact tracing began immediately and Student Health Center (SHC) staff are contacting all identified close contacts of the four individuals and advising them of testing options and instructions to quarantine. In all cases, the identified contacts took place outside of classroom/academic settings.

One of the undergraduate students is connected to a previously reported cluster of cases. The other undergraduate student is part of a newly identified small group of connected cases that are not related to the existing clusters. The law student has no connection to either the new group of connected cases or recent clusters.

The employee who tested positive is a member of the Marketplace staff. Custodial and dining services staff deep cleaned and sanitized all surfaces in the Marketplace overnight, using an electro-static sprayer in addition to other disinfecting methods. Other employees who were close contacts of the positive case have been identified and are now quarantining.

All members of the W&L community are being asked to please continue to be vigilant in following all guidance around face coverings, physical distancing, hygiene, and limiting of close contacts, as this continues to be the best approach to minimizing the potential spread of the virus. Continue to treat everyone around you as if they have COVID-19 - whether or not they have symptoms - and act accordingly.

As a reminder, you can access current testing data on W&L's COVID-19 Testing Dashboard.