Reminder to Report COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters - Undergraduate and Law Student

To: W&L Undergraduate and Law Students
From: COVID-19 Committee
Date: Wednesday, January 26

As we approach Jan. 31, we'd like to remind all booster-eligible faculty and staff who have not yet recorded their booster in the Daily Attestation app to please do so as soon as possible. The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are preferred for booster doses, though the university will accept the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine booster for individuals who got that vaccine for their first dose, or if medically indicated. If you have an approved exemption from the vaccine requirement, you are also exempt from the booster requirement.

Clarification of Booster Deadline

If you are currently eligible for the booster (five months past your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, or two months after the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and have not recently tested positive for COVID-19, you need to get and record your booster by Jan. 31.

  • If you are not yet eligible, you should get your booster within 30 days of becoming eligible.
  • If you recently tested positive for COVID-19, you have up to 90 days after your positive test result but should get your booster dose as soon as your symptoms resolve.

Recording Your Booster

To report your COVID-19 booster, go to and click on the Report Vaccination link in the site's header. From there, follow the instructions to record your booster. In addition, please e-mail a photo of your vaccine booster card to for your medical record. By reporting your COVID-19 booster into the Daily Attestation app, you could win a 2022 Fancy Dress package or item of equivalent value from the University Store! W&L continues to do a daily drawing on weekdays through Jan. 31 from all students who have entered their booster in the Daily Attestation app.

Where to Get a Booster

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) is offering boosters at the Lexington Health Department office at 300 White Street. Appointments can be made on the VDH scheduling website. Boosters are also available at the following local pharmacies: