Weekly COVID-19 Update - Undergraduate Students

To: W&L Undergraduate Students
From: The COVID-19 Committee
Date: Friday, March 12

Below is this week's COVID-related update. Please continue to check the COVID-19 Resources website for the latest campus messages and resources, and to submit your questions to covid19@wlu.edu.

Clarification of Visitor Policy

We have had some questions about the current visitor policy that went into effect with the recent change to Environment Level Red. No visitors are allowed in undergraduate students' on-campus and off-campus residences, including other W&L students, at this time.

Update on Vaccination Availability and Local Clinic Site

Thank you to everyone who completed the vaccination intent survey through the Daily Attestation app. We were encouraged by both the number of people who have already received the vaccine, as well as the high percentage of those who intend to get it when available.

Getting our campus community vaccinated as early as possible remains a priority, and the university will continue to attempt to secure access to vaccines to deliver to students in the Student Health Center. In the meantime, students may be able to get the vaccine sooner by registering through Virginia's statewide vaccination registration system. We strongly encourage anyone who hasn't already done so to register as soon as possible, as we are beginning to see promising signs of increased availability of the vaccine.

Just this week, Rockbridge County officials signed a lease to use the unoccupied Peebles/Gordmans building at 770 N. Lee Highway in the College Square Shopping Center as a community vaccination site in anticipation of increasing quantities of vaccines being available in our area. Multiple providers, such as Central Shenandoah Health District, Rockbridge Area Health Clinic, Carilion, and commercial pharmacies (e.g., Walmart, CVS), will use the site to administer vaccines to area residents by appointment only, including W&L students as they become eligible through Virginia's statewide vaccination registration system.

COVID-19 Committee Office Hours

The COVID-19 Committee will hold office hours every Friday afternoon from 3:00 - 3:45 for the remainder of the term. Use the following Zoom link to drop in: https://wlu.zoom.us/j/93089623352. We look forward to seeing you! As always, please reach out with your concerns if you cannot attend one of these office hours.

Guidance for Those Who Have Had COVID-19 or Been Vaccinated

As a reminder, you are still expected to follow all university guidelines and safety measures even if you have previously had COVID-19 or have received the COVID-19 vaccination. This includes participating in regular screening testing, unless you are currently exempt from testing. The CDC continues to advise that whether you have had COVID-19 or not, the best way to prevent infection is to take steps to protect yourself and others, including wearing face coverings, maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from others, washing your hands, and avoiding crowds and confined spaces.

Caught You! (doing the right thing, that is!)

Public Safety and Residential Life continue their weekly recognition raffle program to "catch" students doing the right things (e.g., physical distancing, wearing face coverings). Public safety officers, CAs, and RAs are recognizing students on the spot for COVID-safe behaviors, and handing out raffle tickets for great prizes! Follow this program on social media: WLUPubSafe on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here are the recent raffle winners:

  • Christian Basnight (24U)
  • Harper Darden (23U)
  • Ashlyn Doane (23U)
  • James Goettee (21U)
  • Andrew Grinzayd (24U)
  • Thomas O'Keefe (24U)
  • Emily Sanchez (24U)
  • John Sedovy (24U)