Spring Term Arrival Information

To: W&L Undergraduate Students
From: Sidney Evans, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Elizabeth Oliver, Interim Provost; and the COVID-19 Committee
Date: Monday, March 8

As warmer weather arrives and Spring Term approaches, we wanted to make you aware of details regarding the return of undergraduates to campus for Spring Term.

Registration Resources

As you begin to plan for Spring Term 2021, you are encouraged to review the specifics outlined on the web and connect with your adviser. A few links that you may find helpful include Spring Registration Specifics and the ST 21 Registration Calendar. The Spring Option policy and process are outlined on the Spring Registration Specifics page and the deadline for declaring is Friday, March 19.

Virtual Learning Option and Housing

Similar to the fall and winter terms, students have the option to remain fully virtual and not return to campus for in-person classes.

  • If you plan to enroll in a course for Spring Term 2021 but intend to be fully virtual and off-campus, please complete the Fully Virtual and Off-Campus for Spring Term form.
  • If you are currently fully virtual and off-campus and wish to return to campus for Spring Term 2021, please complete the Spring Term 2021 Arrival Information form by April 21.
  • If you are currently on campus and attending in person classes this term, and plan to do so during Spring Term as well, you do not need to take any action.

Completion of either form allows for the appropriate offices to be notified of your decision and for us to update our student records in regards to status for the spring. Your cost of attendance for room and board will be adjusted as appropriate.

Students who have been residing on campus and intend to be fully virtual and off-campus for Spring Term must make plans to completely vacate housing by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 18. This requires students to remove all personal belongings, clean your space, and return your key to Public Safety in order to avoid unnecessary item removal, cleaning, and unreturned key fees. Requests for a later check-out may be granted on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances. If you have an extenuating circumstance, you should contact your respective class dean.

Travel and Testing

Testing one to three days before departure is recommended for anyone who is traveling. We encourage all students who are planning to leave campus for Spring Break to get tested once during the last week of this term.

Spring Term arrival COVID-19 testing for undergraduate students will begin on Sunday, April 25 and run through Tuesday, April 27.

  • Students who travel outside the Lexington/Rockbridge area over Spring Break may participate in essential activities (including attending in-person classes) after receiving a negative result on their initial arrival test, but will need to refrain from non-essential activities and monitor for symptoms for seven days after returning to campus. At the end of seven days with no symptoms, and a second negative test about five days after arrival, you may return to normal activity.
  • Students who choose to stay on campus or in their off-campus residences in the Lexington/Rockbridge area during Spring Break should continue to schedule weekly COVID-19 testing during the break and may continue with normal activity.

Community Values and Environment Level

The Undergraduate Student Statement of Community Values that you reviewed and signed at the beginning of Winter Term remains in place and covers Spring Term; you will not need to sign the statement again. The COVID-19 Committee will continue to monitor the university's operational indicators and guidance from national, regional, and local health officials in order to make recommendations on the Environment Level and in adjusting guidelines and safety measures as needed for the duration of Spring Term. While we anticipate warmer weather in the spring allowing for more outdoor opportunities, we expect guidance around face coverings, distancing and hygiene to remain in place. The COVID-19 Resources website will continue to provide updated information during Spring Term.