Weekly COVID-19 Committee Update – Faculty and Staff

To: W&L Faculty and Staff
From: COVID-19 Committee
Date: Tuesday, July 14

Below is this week's update on the university's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including details on a variety of topics related to the community's return to campus. While the committee will provide regular updates by email, please also remember to check the COVID-19 Resources website, which includes the latest campus messages, a variety of resources, and FAQs that are being updated regularly, and to submit your questions to covid19@wlu.edu.

Dates and Deadlines

  • Wednesday, July 15: Deadline for faculty to respond to Registrar's email regarding teaching method, classroom needs, and virtual instruction plans.
  • Thursday, July 16 at 10am: Zoom Q&A session re: return to work procedures for supervisors and academic department heads (see more information below).


It's not too late to place an order for personal protective equipment (PPE) items via the online order form. Please do so as soon as possible to ensure you receive your items in a timely manner.

Employment & Return to the Workplace

Human Resources and the COVID-19 Committee will host a virtual Q&A for supervisors and academic department heads on July 16 to talk about employee return to work procedures. All faculty and staff who supervise employees are encouraged to attend. Click on the following link to register:


Please provide any questions you would like us to cover in the registration form.

Given the uncertainty of local schools returning to full-day classes, we are hopeful to meet the needs of working parents through a variety of options. These options may include shift change, class schedule adjustment, and alternative work arrangements. Faculty and staff with children entering Kindergarten through Grade 8, and those with children with special needs, should begin discussions about possible options with their department directors (staff) and Deans (faculty). When we learn from local schools how classes will be scheduled, we can finalize plans. If you or your manager have questions about possible options, please contact Mary Main in Human Resources.

Health & Wellness

Face coverings are required in all indoor spaces on campus. The only exception is when an individual is working alone in a private office or classroom. Individuals who share an office will be required to wear face coverings at all times when more than one person is in the office, regardless of the distance between their workspaces, unless a plexiglass partition is added to provide a barrier.

In outdoor spaces, face coverings are not required in cases where individuals can consistently maintain six feet of physical distance. Face masks are required while walking on campus during times when it is not possible to maintain six feet of physical distance.

A cloth face covering or disposable face mask is the optimal choice to minimize sharing of and exposure to viral particles.

For all indoor, in-person meetings, all participants must maintain a six-foot distance and wear face coverings. If the appropriate space is not available given the number of attendees, the meeting should be held virtually or outdoors with individuals maintaining a six-foot distance.

For additional information on specific requirements for faculty and students in teaching spaces, refer to the COVID-19 Resources website.

Campus Buildings & Facilities

As a reminder, the following summer access parameters for the W&L campus announced June 17 continue to be in effect until at least August 10:

  1. ALL persons who come to campus and to university-owned and rented buildings and facilities (employees, students registered for particular building access, vendors, visitors) must comply with six-foot social distancing, the Governor's order regarding face coverings inside buildings, and current limitations on the size of gatherings. This applies to ALL of the allowed activities listed below.
  2. Students are only allowed into two buildings on campus and only if registered for access (Elrod Commons areas designated for registered student use for the food pantry, etc. and designated areas of the law school for registered law graduates to study for the bar exam).
  3. The disc golf course, tennis courts, and track will be open for exercise. No public restrooms will be available.
  4. Campus visitors may be on the outside grounds of campus/front lawn, though no public restrooms will be available.
  5. Vendors and essential contractors approved by the applicable executive director or vice president are allowed only in the buildings and facilities where they need to make deliveries or perform services, subject to compliance with W&L parameters and current Governor's orders.
  6. No employees should be in campus buildings or university-owned or rented buildings or facilities unless they have been authorized to return to campus by their department director in accordance with the University's Returning to the Workplace guidelines. Employees are authorized to be only in their offices, department workspaces, or other campus or University-owned or rented buildings/facilities as necessary to carry out their work responsibilities. NO student employees are authorized to work in campus buildings or University-owned or rented buildings/facilities until further notice, unless the student has been expressly authorized to do so by the provost or a vice president.
  7. Other than W&L employees who have been authorized to return to work under #6 above, or essential visitors approved by the president or a vice president, NO persons are allowed in campus buildings or University-owned or rented buildings or facilities - including indoor athletic facilities, museums, galleries, etc. [This does not apply to employees or non-employee lessees who reside in University-owned property, or their family members/guests, or to students who have been approved to reside in student housing for summer 2020.]