Fall 2020 Calendar

To: W&L Faculty, Staff and Students
From: Interim Provost Elizabeth Oliver
Date: June 2, 2020
Re: Fall 2020 Calendar

As you know, our goal is to return safely to on-campus instruction this fall. The Contingency Planning Task Force and related working groups are developing recommendations regarding the steps and precautions that must be taken if we are to reconvene in Lexington. Safely returning to in-person instruction will require the commitment of our entire community to adapt to significant alterations to our usual routines, including the modification of our academic calendars for the Fall Term.

The Contingency Planning Task Force has recommended concluding the Fall Term prior to Thanksgiving. Doing so will increase our chances of completing the term on campus, and it will safeguard the health of our community by reducing travel to and from Lexington.

Consequently, President Dudley has agreed to adopt the calendars recently approved by our undergraduate and law faculties for the Fall Term. Law classes will begin on August 17 and undergraduate classes will begin on August 24. Undergraduate exams will end on November 20 and law exams will end on November 24. In order to accommodate these accelerated completion dates and minimize the prospect of travel, the traditional two-day break in the middle of the term has been eliminated for both undergraduates and law students.

We have established our Fall Term calendars now in order to facilitate your planning for the summer and the coming academic year. We will observe these dates regardless of the mode of instruction. Whether students will be able to return to campus in August depends upon a number of factors, including not only our own preparations, but also guidance from the Commonwealth of Virginia that we expect to receive in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue working through the many issues related to safely providing the best education we possibly can.