Lack of Compliance and Conduct Sanctions – Undergraduate Students

To: W&L Undergraduate Students
From: Sidney Evans, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Date: Tuesday, August 25

The COVID-19 Committee raised the Dashboard Environment Level Indicator from yellow-low to yellow-middle level on Aug. 25 based on the following factors:

  • Lack of compliance with social distancing, face coverings, and expectations for social gatherings
  • Lack of compliance with Daily Attestation requirement

It is critical that all students comply with the below requirements. Public Safety and Residential Life will be strictly enforcing all requirements to help keep the community safe.

  • No indoor gatherings, on or off campus, of more than 10 people
  • No outdoor gatherings, on or off campus, of more than 25 people
  • No non-resident visitors, including residential halls, townhouses, apartments, Greek houses (with the exception of meals) and off-campus housing
  • Face coverings required at all gatherings, at all times, unless you are outdoors and more than six feet apart
  • Physical distancing of at least six feet is required at all times, in all locations, indoors and out

Quite simply, we should all treat every person as if they have COVID-19, and act accordingly by taking the necessary precautions.

In addition, please be respectful of Residential Life staff who are in the challenging position of enforcing these requirements.

Failure to comply will lead to sanctions by the university, including: fines, conduct probation, and removal from on-campus classes and on-campus housing. Students removed from on-campus classes and housing will be required to complete their 2020-2021 academic coursework remotely. If it is not feasible to complete academic coursework remotely, the student may submit a Leave of Absence request or be subject to withdrawal for the remainder of the term or academic year. Failure to be respectful of Residential Life staff will result in an additional conduct charge.