Videography is part of a suite of creative services that Web Communications provides to the University community in support of the following objectives:

  • Promoting curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular programs via short videos and interactive features designed to enhance the University's reputation among key external audiences including prospective students, parents, alumni and news media.
  • Documenting presentations or talks by speakers whose topics or expertise have news value beyond the University community and are likely to generate media coverage.
  • Creating multimedia features that promote engagement with the University among key external audiences.
  • Providing live-streaming and video archiving of key events of interest to external audiences during the academic year, including convocations and commencements.

Video and multimedia projects that fall outside the scope of Web Communications include:

  • Capturing lectures by professors and speakers whose interest is confined to the internal academic community
  • Documenting performances, conferences, symposia and other campus events whose primary audience is internal.
  • Creating video to promote programs created by academic and administrative departments whose primary audience is current students, faculty/ staff or peer institutions.

In instances where the project falls outside the stated scope of Web Communications work, the requestor will be directed first to Academic Technologies, and then to a group of freelance videographers who are familiar with the University's video specifications. Any audio, video or multimedia to be hosted or streamed on the University's website and/or official social media channels must be first approved by the Web Communications office

If your department has video needs that meet one of the above objectives, please fill out a Video Request Ticket on the Communications Office's Project Intake Form. To help with scheduling, please let us know as early as possible when videography is needed.