Nancy Margand Professor Emeritus

Nancy Margand


Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1975

Joined Washington and Lee University's faculty in 1975


Current research interests include the development of social and emotional skills in children, particularly children's understanding of mixed emotions. I am also currently involved in a project exploring changing attitudes and behaviors regarding environmentally responsible behaviors among grade school, and college, students.

Selected Publications

Paley, B., Cox, M.J., Kanoy, K.W., Harter, K.S.M., Burchinal, M., & Margand, N.A.(in press).  Adult Attachment and Marital Interaction as Predictors of Whole Family Interactions during the Transition to Parenthood.  Journal of Family Psychology.

Paley, B., Cox, M., Harter, K, & Margand, N. (2002). Adult Attachment Stance and Spouses' Marital Perceptions During the Transition to Parenthood. Attachment and Human Development

Cox, M., Payne, C. & Margand, N. (1995) Becoming a father: The context of early father-child relationships. Paper presented at Society for Research in Child Development, Indiana, March.
Cox, M., Owen, M., Henderson, K., & Margand, N. (1992) Prediction of infant-father and infant-mother attachment. Developmental Psychology, 28, 474-483.

Margand, N.A.(1991) Early interaction and the development of pragmatic language skills. Paper presented at SRCD, Seattle, April.